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June 19, 2013


I’ve spent my week bike-camping with GITAP folks, and now it is SUmmer Session. Happily, there’s nothing like a week sleeping in a tent to make the 7:30 arrival time (the price of the 4-day work week) an easy adjustment. So, 7.25 work-weeks remaining in which to produce Working Stuff For The Transitions Course.   […]

Sproing! Sproing!

April 30, 2013


My twitter feed over the weekend sent me here: and… objectively speaking, it’s a wonderful opportunity to focus my energies on communicating my ideas, and a ridiculously long shot (it’s aimed at “restless experts” and  there are amazing things out there, from people even more restless and more expert than I am) but I’m psyched — […]

“rough” for interval notation

March 7, 2013


Our Math 095 course teaches Interval Notation in chapter 1, at the beginning of the year.   It causes stress — oddly, one of the things that causes the most stress is “why do they use parentheses sometimes and brackets other times?”  but that could be simply that it’s de-emphasized in the classroom in favor […]


February 25, 2013


I successfully figured out how to add “pause” adn “play” and going forward & backwards one frame at a time to my movie. Hmmm… will try to have something sharable by the end of the month, maybe even audio. I was wishing for a pause button for the student I was working with this morning.   […]

Prep Week

January 7, 2013


So! New Academic Year is beginning, with new adventures: the four-week “concept builder” module that I’m helping build, trying out Dreambox assuming we can get things rolling in time. Okay, trying out software isn’t new, but this is the first time the software has students actually manipulating non-symbolic objects on a screen — if I […]

Dreaming of Dreambox…

December 15, 2012


The semester’s done! My grandiose plan of emailing a fun Flash lesson timed so it would arrive during the final didn’t make it (well, I did study for my own final just a little — but just did a few things on the “code correction” and handed it in.  It’s a little funny — now […]

Say it out loud :)

December 13, 2012


So! TOday shall not be a distraction day.    I know how to make a cute drag drop activity in Flash that will only stop and “stay” (well, the target image becomes visible and the dragged image disappears, so it looks like it stopped there).   Next:   apply that to counting rods so that combinations that would […]

familiar logos

October 3, 2012


I went upstairs to go into a computer classroom… but there were classes happening in all of ’em so I went back down — but on the way I espied, through the window of D227, a familiar picture on the screen; some complicated 3D animation from one of my classes.   I was conspicuous enough in […]

Wrong division

September 26, 2012


Today I had the non-pleasure of walking several students through long division. Hey, it’s In The Curriculum. I do, absolutely, think there’s value in knowing how to do long division, and learning what the pieces of the process mean. However, when a student doesn’t know single digit multiplication, much less division, and doesn’t know how […]

Actionscript fun….

September 2, 2012


… I’m feeling like a “real” … oh, programmer wouldn’t be the right term, but I just took a teeny bit of code through a fine tooth comb and … decided to try Different Things than the words… I’m trying to make a pingpong game per and I set the “ball” to move as […]