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May 17, 2022


…. welp, I *would* be at the faculty summer institute but I didn’t get a proposal in and … honestly didn’t see any presentations that spoke to me. After all, …. I’m not faculty 😛 When I go out on the bike I remember things to do. At my desk? It’s not there. Well, except […]

Holiday :)

September 7, 2020


Yes, I’m sitting at my window at the computer anyway. I’m thinking about the gfletchy videos I saw yesterday about the learning of the math facts. (I’m not finding it today — Twitter doesn’t lend itself to that.) The concept of “doubling” is introduced with pink and yellow lemonade. It’s a simple, vivid visual. That […]

Tryin’ to get to urgent

August 1, 2019


when I get out on the bike, the 37 different Really Important Things To Get Done slowly bubble to the top.   Doesn’t always follow me inside… The Two Big Things are the Times Tables Class and the Cool Geogebra Spaced Retrieval Activity.   Another Big THing that is lurking is… doing the Thing Like THe Lumen […]