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Holiday :)

September 7, 2020


Yes, I’m sitting at my window at the computer anyway. I’m thinking about the gfletchy videos I saw yesterday about the learning of the math facts. (I’m not finding it today — Twitter doesn’t lend itself to that.) The concept of “doubling” is introduced with pink and yellow lemonade. It’s a simple, vivid visual. That […]

A few slides about “why I think we need to do this.”

August 26, 2018


Okay, I thought I was done and then imagined sharing this with real people and had to add one more slide… but now This Link will get you to a slew of quotes and notes that I think provide evidence of the need for cognitively accessible math.  So… time for the “next steps” — which […]


May 17, 2018


The Thursday morning “coffee, muffins and listen” at the Faculty Summer Institute is about Open Educational Resources.   This guy is from Libretexts and is going over the basics 🙂    This guy is still mainly about text as the mode for learning but it’s interesting to hear the perspective from the upper end of higher […]