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boring thought organizing

March 4, 2023


I’m perusing “how to do poster presentations” and oh, the audience is *so* clearly 20-something grad students trying to impress but this one from Hopkins looks good (LOL viewers will have different cognitive styles!). The big picture? Let’s try this: SOME STUDENTS NEED DEVELOPMENTAL MATH. SKILLS AND SCORES Students are arriving at college without the […]

(just saying)

March 17, 2021


I remembered a while ago that when I was growing up and *in school,* and in major colleges/ universities, I learned to expect poor management and decisions that just didn’t work in real life that everybody in real life would have to figure out how to work around. My home county was laughably incompetent even […]

Saturday :)

December 15, 2018


Goal for this break:   to figure out a conscious system for working on the assorted projects.   I have been sometimes actually successful at letting others take care of students for an hour or two. Today’s task is to look through our Cobra Math course and plan out a four week version of a “class.” In […]