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Desiring automaticity

February 9, 2020


  Category:   boring commentary on figuring out computer stuff. I need to make my multiplication activity more streamlined; I hate not having automaticity for the assorted syntax.   Right now the “startup” screen has a place to click to get things started that includes a blank question place on the screen… but when you click, that […]

Some progress…

December 31, 2019


Okay, the cleaning worked out ridiculously well — to the tune of finding an unopened envelope, reluctantly opening it because … oops, yes, that was a check dated from April 2017. No, it doesn’t have to be honored. Yes, when I went down to Common Ground Food Coop and inquired… they just cut me a […]


November 17, 2019


  Welp, I had said I’d allow 2 hours for figuring out how to open up the next fact when you’re done the first.   It took longer, but I did it… and then realized that for purposes of seeing what it’s about, locking a user into that path would be pretty awful.   I think the […]


October 25, 2019


So I’m working away at this thing and reading tweets and this article about OpenStax and how it is now doind COURSEWARE not just textbooks. Of course, so is … bccampus 🙂 Little old me can’t do anything compared to that… but will there be a way for my little old stuff to be useful […]


October 24, 2019


I got a good answer to a simple question on the forum yesterday, and I’m going to have enough to share by the end of today (because I really do now :-)). (the codepen is here) I wonder if there might be groups of teachers using it to make stuff…especially, specifically OER. Searching got […]

Tea Time

October 19, 2019


… as in caffeine enough to get focused 😉 Today’s my monthly “#mtbos ambassador day,” based on concerns that #mtbos needs to be sure to be welcoming and it’s all kinds of busy. I remembered the concern that it not be a clique where new voices just whisper into the void and feel like they […]


October 18, 2019


4:17 We’re getting a grant… it’s stressing folks out… not me ’cause a: it doesn’t change anything I do and b: I’d have to have executive functioning abilities to comprehend it. Basically we have a semester + summer to get 150 people trained and employed. $$, but not time. Pretty busy today and … I’m […]