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The boring STuff

May 6, 2020


  Layout!  Grid!   CSS! If it’s “grid” then it takes the space of the container; if it’s “grid” the items will span the width of the container.   If “inline-grid,” the content.   I think this is what I need to grasp to make things work. I decided to totally rebuild the layout because I cannot figure […]

Desiring automaticity

February 9, 2020


  Category:   boring commentary on figuring out computer stuff. I need to make my multiplication activity more streamlined; I hate not having automaticity for the assorted syntax.   Right now the “startup” screen has a place to click to get things started that includes a blank question place on the screen… but when you click, that […]

Some progress…

December 31, 2019


Okay, the cleaning worked out ridiculously well — to the tune of finding an unopened envelope, reluctantly opening it because … oops, yes, that was a check dated from April 2017. No, it doesn’t have to be honored. Yes, when I went down to Common Ground Food Coop and inquired… they just cut me a […]

Chilly winds ;)

December 10, 2019


tl/dr:   boring daily minutiae I re-upped the bus pass this morning rather than try to skip a month on the annual pass…. it was all of 14 this morning and the forecast says a few degrees warmer tomorrow… and I’m 179 miles away from 5000 on the year.  Also, things are quieter so the lure […]

Pyramids and CSS

November 21, 2019


  … so, seems the “fifth anniversary upgrade” at FreeCodeCamp  … has issues.   I’m told that it’s “bad timing” that nets me the “can’t log in from that IP address” error message… but … the timing is always bad and while I got in after clearing old files at work, it didn’t work at home.  […]

Sets and arrays !

October 27, 2019


Yo! Learned a totally new thing. So when you get one right, I want it to go in your “good facts” group. I might want to have an “even better” facts group — for the 3 categories of “drill pack,” “practice pack,” and “new ones.” Maybe students should be able to pick them 😉 Anyway, […]

Tea Time

October 19, 2019


… as in caffeine enough to get focused 😉 Today’s my monthly “#mtbos ambassador day,” based on concerns that #mtbos needs to be sure to be welcoming and it’s all kinds of busy. I remembered the concern that it not be a clique where new voices just whisper into the void and feel like they […]

Geogebra: Interval Training

August 27, 2019


I participated in a “hackathon” where some stuff was presented in a Zoom format, then the next three hours were spent applying that knowledge and continuing to share in that Zoom format. The folks at Lumen LEarning had us make some little questions with HP5 that could be used to support some OER out there. […]

Knows and Does

August 1, 2019


… boring commentary about planning my exercise Create a series of questions to quiz a student on their times tables knowledge. If a student makes a mistake, that student should be provided the answer, but they still have to enter the answer to go to the next question, which will be from the “mastered” group.  […]


July 26, 2019


TL:DR   ‘boring commentary on learning Geogebra’ No, it’s *not* “stick a fork in it, it’s done.”   Digital isn’t like that. I sent the email w/ link to my Geogebra activity.  I did the horizontal one first and had to figure out a lot of stuff.  I’m really glad I have *some* “hard-learned habits” that saved […]