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March 13, 2023


First day of Spring Break and I’m at the office; yes, that non-student has said good morning and availed themself of a snack from the snack bar, and I REALLY DO WANT TO SPEND AT LEAST 5 OF THE 28 HOURS (one of ’em is gone already) on the MOODLE course and 6 on the […]

another article about co-reqs

March 4, 2023


Wonsun Ryu, Lauren Schudde, & Kim Pack. (2022). Constructing Corequisites: How Community Colleges Structure Corequisite Math Coursework and the Implications for Student Success. AERA Open, 8.    This one discusses what kinds of co-req designs were more important. In the “nope, no surprise!!” category, for “ease of interpretation,” the results are presented in terms of […]

Learning Acceleration Challenges

December 9, 2022


… UGH, right? But Luminary-Labs has finalists for it here. … and it made me happy to see that the two finalists … make sense to me. To wit: The DRUM (Digital Rational Number) Intervention. DRUM will use number lines and analogies to support students’ understanding of multiple number types (for example, whole numbers, fractions, […]

another article or 2

November 30, 2022


Inside Higher Ed so not research, just opinion. “Deficiency Mind-Set Bedevils Developmental Math“ Okay, this person is at least dean of STEM at a technical college. He starts out stating that people have to take too many developmental classes and why are we so fixated on the algebra? Okay, to the real thing: they created […]

I’ll focus in a few minutes!!!

October 7, 2022


This article in Chronicle of Higher Ed about the resistance of students to the “rigor” of an Organic Chemistry class, though — it summarizes so many issues, but HEAVENS TO MURGATROYD!!! it suggests that we consider questioning the idea that a whole certain percentage of students should be “weeded out.” Now to a fractions lesson […]

Please Go and Bring For Me

January 15, 2021


And 3-day weekend! Yes, I took the bus this a.m. — but hadn’t successfully gotten my itty bitty computer to work so I couldn’t read the Long Thing About How Your Little Certificate Programs Keep Poor People Poor. I *could* read this little description of a way to teach multiplication called Please Go and Bring […]

N + 1 news article

May 7, 2020


  Here’s an article about developmental classes and technology   that I think I’ve seen written about before …about moving developmental math online:   basically students report positive experiences but … the actual results in passing the next class aren’t as good.  Faculty concerns:  students have positive experiences because they figure out how to game the tech […]

Articles N + 1, N+2, N+3

January 17, 2020


Reading on the bus: Multiplication is for white people because I left the article about Florida on my desk. Descriptions of middle and high school classrooms where students are coloring…. makes me want to GET OUT THERE and shake things. (THe “Crayola Curriculum…” I suppose word searches are a full step ahead of this in […]

article n + 1

November 4, 2019


Technically not an article; it’s transcript from a podcast.  “Grow Up, Branch Out.” It suggests we could have mathematical literacy infused in *life* and all through college, no matter what you’re major. I was intrigued by an early quote: We call QL a literacy for the same reason: it is not a skill that we […]

College math interventions n + 1

November 1, 2019


Alexandra Logue shared this article about the Relationship between Required Corequisite Learning and Success in College Algebra from the Georgia Journal of College Student Affairs. Students in college algebra who participated in corequisitie learning were compared to students who did not. The students with the support did a whole lot better. There was a fair […]