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Mebbe small vic’try subtracting fractions borrowing?

February 21, 2017


ALEKS  problem:   subtracting with common denominator with renaming.   Student:   no idea.   (Also non-native speaker so might have ideas w/0 language to express that I’d understand.)   ALEKS’ explanation involved renaming 4 2/9 as 3 + 1 + 2/9 = 3 + 9/9 + 2/9 and … since it’s all just stuck […]

Rant # 2 short

September 6, 2016


So the student has finished the ALEKS lessons but says she will need to YouTube all week to try to figure out what they mean.   I say, “but there’s a ‘review’ option!” … only to discover that yea, you can get a review option but you cannot ask for an explanation.  You have to […]

Just call it active learning!

March 1, 2016


I was cruising ALEKS info and tripped over this gem of a paragraph: Explanations in ALEKS are different from what you will find in most textbooks, because they are always the step-by-step solutions of particular problems. They are designed for use when you are working on a particular problem and get stuck, or make a […]

Trying.. trying…

October 10, 2014


So I’ve got more than the usual number of folks with “textbook” learning disabilities.  (Hint:  when the student tells you “I’d multiply 18 x 24” and then the hand writes out the setup for long division for 18/24… ) I’ve had some real success getting some really basic learners to crawl out of procedureville and […]

Almost Midterm…

September 30, 2014


Yes, some folks are getting on the Withdrawal boat… but if it’s from our newly designed math courses, they get to get right back on the same course at midterm, since they’ve pretty much gone to quarters for the algebra courses.  I almost kinda wish they would do the same for PRe-Algebra, given the chances […]

Two wrongs don’t make a right :)

September 5, 2014


…. but that’s a good thing!      I’m going to try this as my experimental response for the student who is tuned for the “rule mnemonics.”    I’m all for nixing tricks per … but many of my students didn’t have teachers who made sure they understood math, so they arrive here very, very practiced […]

build, build, build

April 4, 2014


When I’m working away at a program, I tend to talk to it. With my fingers.   I try to remember to clear ’em out… but at the bottom of Lab 8 was // build build build, a note reminding myself to be constructive *especially* when I was frustrated…  grateful it was one of my […]

ALEKS acquired

February 10, 2014


Seems McGraw Hill acquired ALEKS last June (and separated their “financial” part of the corporation from the educational). Pondering. When a company has financial products and educational products, is it much of a leap to suggest that educational materials are commodities to be produced, marketed and sold as efficiently as possible (as opposed to as […]