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November 14, 2018


Last week a student came in to prep for assessment.   I was ‘snatching myself bald-headed’ saying, “no, finish the assessment.  If you don’t know it, *then* you’ll get to practice it.”  No, the student really really really wanted to get things right based on fragments of misremembered procedures… I was bemoaning that procedural background (not […]

We’re rolling…

September 1, 2017


Friday, end of “week two.”   Labor Day holiday Monday. Yes, people post online and say “I’m teaching ___ for the first time this year — anybody have a curriculum?” Would I want to be in that class?   (Would I want to teach in that school?) It’s not raining in Houston… 50 inches, folks… […]

Rockford Files Lessons

August 25, 2017


  Remember this link:  it’s the audio and handouts from an LDA conference presentation on math and learning disabilities. She does a great job of summarizing the big ideas and the need to integrate concepts and procedures.  Alas, I still need to find the research showing how the emphasis for folks in special education is […]

Digital LEarning and Adult Basic Ed

August 12, 2017


Digital LEarning and Adult Ed: What works? Tech changes so fast that it’s really hard for “what works” research to keep up but that link is to some research on “digital learning” and adult ed for basic math and literacy.  (YAY!!!  SOmebody is talking about this!!!) The Executive Summary includes this: For developers and vendors […]

June 28, 2017


The BEarded Math Man is posting some videos and … oh, Sal Khan’s got nothin’ on him : )   “Binomial reproduction” is one approach to factoring, with the analogy to “who’s the father?”  to figure out “where did this come from?”   If I were an adolescent I’d be luvvin’ it.   (Now, it […]

Break over!

June 19, 2017


(When I was a lifeguard at little apartment pools, we called the “adult swims” what they really were — breaks for the kids to get out of the water.   We didn’t call them religiously on the hour — and the kiddos usually figured out that they’d get called if they started getting cranky with […]


April 28, 2017


Need to get away from twitter which has a mess of stuff from another open education summit.  Sour grapes. I did the next two (now down to 16 lessons) ALEKS lessons … the figuring out angles and sides of a triangle with laws of cosines and sines.    Talk about exercises in precise attention to […]