Lost in the mail

Posted on May 19, 2023


welp, so much for poster on fabric! No tracking since it was sent off May 9; Spoonflower says assume it’s lost. They’ll print it again (sigh, no, I didn’t think to edit it with those 3 typos fixed) but it’s Friday, conference is Tuesday. So, glue stick and staples, but yes, I WILL edit it 😛

I was imagining a hypothetical presentation after working with students this week… who would absolutely inspire me to want to LET THEM SKIP THE REMEDIAL except that … we *are* talking about people who don’t know from proportional thinking and arithmetic and YES, the research says that NO, they don’t go on to graduate.

Looking at another Florida article and it’s simply consistent with everything else tho’ the pass rates are relatively decent (almost 30% of severely underprepared, over half but under 60% of the slightly underprepared).

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