Jill Barshay notices the rest of them

Posted on May 15, 2023


I’m impressed with this Hechinger Report “Proof points” article out TODAY about the CUNY experiment with shifting folks from remedial to statistics-with-support and other options.

““But the evidence does not suggest that these corequisite courses are the magic potion that is going to change completion and persistence. It’s going to take a lot more and a lot of other support.” — That was for English even!!!

She notes that college algebra is, in fact, a requirement for a lot of majors, including non-STEM. So the whole “oh, if we filter them out, it’s okay! It’s not really hurting them!” gets called into question.

Seems she shares my belief that we should be looking for ways for lots more people to be successful, not just saying ‘okay, we did better!’ and yea, not saying the quiet part out loud, that they think most people Just Can’t Do It.

And then, as you might imagine, this is my favorite paragraph:

The bad news is that a lot of community college students still fell through the cracks. Although there was a 50 percent boost to the number of students who completed an associate’s degree within three years, only a quarter of the statistics students hit this milestone. Almost three-quarters didn’t. And though bypassing math remediation and heading straight to college stats led to a 100 percent increase in the number of bachelor’s degrees, only 14 percent of the statistics students earned a four-year degree. 

As in, *who are we leaving out?* — AND this is the BEST, the MOST SUCCESSFUL example of this.

But you know what else I just found? Looking for notebooks for this student who came in? A little pile of papers from the 2011 “NEXT DEV” conference that was in Colorado. There was an online thing that asked people to share their ideas for projects in dev ed and hey, I submitted one, despite having no authority, no funding… but the grant for that project said that everybody who submitted something got conference registration free. (Sigh, and you know what? No, it won’t really be useful for the poster session. It’s the same exact questions, but before people had tried much.)

ANd now I need to pretend that I just posted “It’s okay, you can win” on that twitter thing and just go away. It’s 4:34 …