Posted on May 11, 2023


… Nope, it’s not here. But I did figure out voicemail on the phone and there were only 8 messages (it’s been 2-3 months) and none that mattered, and shared a google doc that I got a request for about “measuring lengths in metric and household systems” from one of those OER projects y’ars ago.

And yes, I completely neglected to cite the “Texas success” story where 90% of students were still failing, and there’s one citation where I’m not sure which of the 3-4 versions of the same article it’s actually from because the stuff has been updated, and I changed a z to an s or vice versa in somebody’s name.

That’s what safety pins are for, right?

And some folks are still wearing masks even tho’ the “emergency” is over. I wonder …

… and I just remembered soemthing I have to get around to doing (besides canceling that appt.) but I can’t remember it any more. It’s a “life” thing. don’t think it’s for the wedding or tbe bike trip… tho’ I also need to trick out the bike so if I have a flat I can fix it on the road. Well, and remember that the stuff is there. It might be 😛 But I need a pump in there b/c I’m not sure I can figure out the C02.

Let’s make more coffee and try to remember stuff:

but YAY!!! PhET has some cool stuff https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/number-play/latest/number-play_all.html (I’ll fix that long address later…)

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