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Day off

April 25, 2023


Okay, got the pomodoro going b/c it’s 12:22 and I haven’t been outside yet. I’m wasting this day off. Happily it looks like I *didn’t* get C0v1D Sunday and yes, I wonder if the whole bike commute sinus-clearing exercises are responsible, or if no, the thing didn’t get in there. Because I went to bed […]

Is it Friday yet? More pictures

April 19, 2023


I HOPE NOT this week is going too fast!!! whereas I did not find a good picture of a yardstick, so … I made one. Then I made this so people could see feet and yards and inches. YES, live and in person I’ve got the yardsticks and rulers in real life, and YES I […]

Sighs from dev math

April 18, 2023


I figured out how to do the “full download” of the PDF but it might still stop being accessible in the 2 days I have left to look at it. Infinite cut and paste are permitted, though, and I’m doing that. I wish the folks exploring new ground would realize that when they talk about […]

OK a whole book?

April 14, 2023


I put in 1990 to 2001 as search dates for developmental math and second hit was a 2019 *book* on “Increasing student success in Developmental Mathematics” by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. I have access to it for a week… full download is onerous and I need “adobe digital” or a way […]

Small consolation

April 3, 2023


… the worst is when a student gives their all and still doesn’t pass. (Not the worst thing in life, just one of the worst ways to not pass.) So I guess the no-show-for-help student… can at least know that welp, they know what they could/should have done, especially since they said so. Hechinger Report, […]