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Posted on March 22, 2023


This one is, I’m told, approved by Illinois Community College Board. It’s “Light and salt learning” a “crash course” for the GED.

Well, yes, that sends up flags for me, including the introduction that’s about focusing on IMPROVING YOUR SCORE!!! and not spending a lot of time on *everything.*

BUT I’m happy to say, that no, this isn’t about a mess of procedural instruction. The videos are lecture length — first one 37 minutes or so — but yes, she says a whole lot of things that I say, almost word for word, like that yea, back in the day adding meant getting a bigger number but NO LONGER!!!

It’s long on words but there are good visuals sprinkled in. Also, she has made a ton of “videos for the question of the day.” And *yes,* she draws a square to show 7 squared. She also has 3 “practice ” options: beginner, experienced and advanced, which I think is awesome. She explains at length in the introduction TikToks (which are highly reminiscent of the “trust and try” talk at The New Community School — that yes, you’ve prob’ly had some really bad experiences, but this *really* is going to be different… please… try!!!) that it’s *fine* to go to the beginner examples and you can still expect to pass the GED. It’s valid because yes, it’s all about the concepts. The different levels speak to different backgrounds.

She says her fractions video went viral 😉 She also has some “MathABILILTY” videos she says are specifically targeting folks with disabilities. Watching “combining like terms” and yes, once again, she is using exactly the same logic I do — showing that combining like terms is like adding reglar numbers, by showing how we have to line up by place value to add 235 and 61. She translatesthat to 2x + 3y + 5 + 6y + 1 . I like it 🙂 Tho’ *yes* I do think there’s room for … more visuals, more concrete.

(and — yes, she is also all about NO the rules aren’t CHANGING!!! We’re just getting more sophisticated… )

…. I’m thinking that these wouldbe good for tutors to work through 😉

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