Wait Wait !

Posted on March 13, 2023


Almost noon of this first day of “spring break at the office” and YES I remembered just now to find that corrected image of bell curve with rounded off percentiles.

Note: This is designed for our “math literacy” course, which only asks about numbers corresponding to *exact* standard deviations away from the mean. Yes, I would still like to make some graphs that aren’t entirely abstract about the standard deviations — imagine a thing on Geogebra that would plot a normal curve *on the same scale,* so that things with a different standard deviation would be… wait for it… SPREAD OUT MORE!!!! And you could SEE it.

Okay I also want to make little icons to help understand what they have to know in our college level stats course — the whole “add 50 percent and then tell the TI-84 the upper and lower bounds” or subtracting *from* 50% when it’s “above this score.”

But here’s what I hve right now. Next Thing: dynamiccourseware.org — the “how to do formula questions in Moodle” course.

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