another article about co-reqs

Posted on March 4, 2023


Wonsun Ryu, Lauren Schudde, & Kim Pack. (2022). Constructing Corequisites: How Community Colleges Structure Corequisite Math Coursework and the Implications for Student Success. AERA Open, 8.   

This one discusses what kinds of co-req designs were more important. In the “nope, no surprise!!” category, for “ease of interpretation,” the results are presented in terms of “average marginal effect” — as in the percent better or worse students did. I haven’t pored over it, but … pretty sure there’s not even *mention* of oh, what they’re comparing. How many students actually passed? Shhhhh…..

{This is Texas, after all, where the other Big Research had the “successful” improvement wtih still over 90% of students failing. (Weisburst E, Daugherty L, Miller T, Martorell P, Cossairt J. Innovative Pathways Through Developmental Education and Postsecondary Success: An Examination of Developmental Math Interventions Across Texas. Journal Of Higher Education [serial online]. March 2017;88(2):183-209.) (Don’t know if I can get to it b/c ebsco acess through library or if other folks can, too… but I sometimes just have to look at it again to confirm that YES, the numbers really are that bad.}

But now, back to attempting to make an outline of a poster presentation.