How long?

Posted on February 27, 2023


Make drill and practice better …. OK, I was looking for a link and it got me to that post. And I’m … stil… finding this draft a week later…

… Friday is “midway gathering” virtual and in person for the Digital Learning Lab. Nope, I’m not going to Chicago, even to see the “Google” place because Google expanded what they do there and now they have a whole conferency place. I officially reject that whole Silicon Valley Corporate Schtick whenever I can and … COVID numbers aren’t getting any better there (they are here!! a little!!! )

I said I’d make a video — welp, today I’ll at least make the slides and I *did* — suddenly, on today’s lunch lap — think of a workable metaphor …something along a learning ecosystem. (Yes, rejecting the “this could be the next fad!!!” or even meme 😛 ) — basically that we need to create some climate change for our learners. I need to look at “make it stick” and/or the other guy’s principles (sigh, yes, I got distracted goin’ to try to find ’em)… BUT I DID GET THEM.

But really I need that POMODORO rolling.

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