Posted on February 22, 2023


… So, yes. One student is… getting fractions. For the first time in their life. And anotehr one said … they got a 95 on the first exam and they never got a 95 on an math exam that they ever remembered. And it was because they knew it.

I absolutely promise and guarantee that if these and other folks were in “accelerated” situations, *this would not be happening.* (Yesterday another one got 29 topics done **and** we wrestled and argued about things but they stopped and said … they had learned a thing. Their problem is they can figure out 5 possible answers, figure out which one works for a topic and get through it but on a test that doesn’t work. I suggested that they work to *understand why.* And I think we might have made a little progress in that direction.)

And there was a bike meeting and … local mall owner showed up towards the end to say stuff about what we’d said about the mall earlier and basically let all of us who didn’t already know they were a … the rightvocabulary is failing me, but that yea, they are a fundamentally unpleasant human and no wonder of marginal success at the mall.

But it’s Fat Tuesday and tomorrow is fasting and extra prayer. Today I successfully got out early enough to … leave my phone behind, but to sweep the glass off the sidewalk and still get to work Very On Time (at the desk by the o-clock, not just parkin’ the bike ๐Ÿ˜› ). Tomorrow I shall endeavor to get out early enough to duck down Green STreet to see what partiers left behind ๐Ÿ˜› I got a great bacardi hat with bells one year (without going down Green STreet even, tho’ I think I had to cut up and go on University, not my usual residential routes). Saw a “get your ash at church!” meme today, erm… that prob’ly won’t happen. Back in the day they’d do a service at the college but this is the college tha t*today* posted that professional development day was tomorrow (it’s Thursday)…

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