Posted on October 28, 2022


The presentations are done! And I forgot about this post, but putting it up now 😛 The speech rec went well, mine not so well; basically thinking it wasn’t ’til today meant no, things weren’t ready, and not in that “no you’re stressed out and don’t think you’re ready but you’ll be fine because you overplanned” way but the “no, half an hour before we had to go back and change all the slides to the right format. LInks didn’t work, and people left rather than dive in and try things, and … basically, when I asked for feed back I got some for first question but it pretty much disappeared — so we wrapped up w/ four of us talking about random things like Desmos.

Right now I’m doing a session about using UDL for neurodiverse learners, from a group at Dartmouth. No, I wasn’t surprised to hear that an alum gave a big donation for the project, having a ND child. It’s just so New England 😉 … and I am leaving because I just don’t want to discuss it in the breakout room. I wonder if others were like that for my session, or if, instead, I should have done the mentimeter stuff, done MORE share-y stuff at the beginning. I wanted to get to the content, though 😉 (and, bottom line, I don’t know how to work a room prob’ly whether or not it’s a zoom room). And, also — were they, like me, just wanting to know more, but … I am not in a position to find ways to make ppl aware of UDL, tho’ yea, I could have said we have to go the Rochelle Gutierrez creative insubordination route… okay, now I’m sorta sad I left 😛

I do wnat to contact some of the folks — like the person there concerned w/ the bio folks not knowing percents… and consider ways to ameliorate that, and the moderator who’s a secondary math teacher ed person.

Also: posting links to FB got me about 10 hits — somebody *asked* how we talk about “multiply by 10 by adding a zero” and I have a video about “the adding a zero idea” 😉

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