Another (yuck) article

Posted on October 26, 2022


Oh, boy. “Developmental education or cultural assimilation?”

“Students placed into developmental courses are deemed unworthy of the intellectual work of gateway courses….”
Well, I guess if that is what they do, they should change that, then? I mean, *speak for yourselves.* It’s not how we do it here.

“From attendance to class participation, our developmental students our developmental students have emerged as classroom leaders in the gateway courses. This is a remarkable transformation for students who are accustomed to feeling they are the worst in their classes. Underrepresented students particularly flourish under the corequisite model.”

“There is one major drawback to the co-requisite model — it is expensive.”

Is there any evidence that they’ve learned the math? Or is that “cultural assimilation?”
The “Corequisite Research Design Collaborative” is ” a national initiative aiming to dramatically increase the number of students who successfully complete research-informed corequisite supports, particularly students who are minoritized or experiencing poverty.”
So. They want to increase the number of students who succeed in the specific supports *they are marketing.*
Not to be confused with learning the math or English. Successfully completing *the supports.* How about completing college?
Sorry, the students are being deemed unworthy of even noticing whether or not they do the “intellectual work of gateway courses.”