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Posted on October 6, 2022


Okay, TWO WEEKS ’til Digicon UDL-HE Makerspace. So far I hear not a *flood* of registrations … so hey, might just be us — been there, done that!! On the other hand, small sessions can be awesome. You *really* get your money’s worth. Or, I will at others’ sessions 🙂 I hope folks do at mine! So one of my examples of using visuals to scaffold involves fractions of circles.

You can go online and find lots of examples of circles split into all sorts of fractions; I googled for seventeenths since some of the problems are that weird 😉 and yes, I found it as well as assorted instructions for constructing said divided circles with compass, etc.

Me, I just pulled ’em into GIMP and traced them, to wit, an dyes I might just dive in and fix the one that goes a little outside — or not and as always these are public domain, use ’em 🙂 :

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