Reading again

Posted on October 2, 2022


I’m creating an annotated list of the Stuff About Developmental Math and yea, rereading. This one

Cafarella B. Developmental Math: What’s the Answer?. Community College Enterprise [serial online]. Spring2016 2016;22(1):55-67

… I quoted its stated reasons students didn’t succeed in developmental math, – but I’d forgotten that it dove into the politics behind compressing/eliminating it, and its strong statement that students do, in fact, need remediation when they don’t know the math so that’s not the answer. (The answer is: it’s complicated.)

I’d forgotten some of the specific doozies — the one that concluded California’s making everything open access was a raging success because gosh, when you had thousands more people enrolled, more people passed and *of course* if you let those people in the pass rate would go down, but they had a chance, right? Just like the old days – the old days of inequity.

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