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October 28, 2022


The presentations are done! And I forgot about this post, but putting it up now 😛 The speech rec went well, mine not so well; basically thinking it wasn’t ’til today meant no, things weren’t ready, and not in that “no you’re stressed out and don’t think you’re ready but you’ll be fine because you […]

Another (yuck) article

October 26, 2022


Oh, boy. “Developmental education or cultural assimilation?” “Students placed into developmental courses are deemed unworthy of the intellectual work of gateway courses….” Well, I guess if that is what they do, they should change that, then? I mean, *speak for yourselves.* It’s not how we do it here. “From attendance to class participation, our developmental […]

broke through :)

October 25, 2022


(OK I have NOT done some of those REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS I put off ’til AFTER THE PRESENTATION, but…) I *have* successfully gone back to the Moodle class. I also got to the Cobra (our learning management system in BrightSpace) and oh, fixed an image, added a description or two… and went to find other […]

Where people land

October 18, 2022


Yes, my “mathia X review” is still probably the most landed-on page, tho’ I suspect most people don’t read through that whole thing. Prepping for Thursday noting that the OER conference is happening now, reminding me that it makes sense for me to talk about OER there since so many things for Universal Design are […]

I’ll focus in a few minutes!!!

October 7, 2022


This article in Chronicle of Higher Ed about the resistance of students to the “rigor” of an Organic Chemistry class, though — it summarizes so many issues, but HEAVENS TO MURGATROYD!!! it suggests that we consider questioning the idea that a whole certain percentage of students should be “weeded out.” Now to a fractions lesson […]

More Media

October 6, 2022


Okay, TWO WEEKS ’til Digicon UDL-HE Makerspace. So far I hear not a *flood* of registrations … so hey, might just be us — been there, done that!! On the other hand, small sessions can be awesome. You *really* get your money’s worth. Or, I will at others’ sessions 🙂 I hope folks do at […]

Reading again

October 2, 2022


I’m creating an annotated list of the Stuff About Developmental Math and yea, rereading. This one Cafarella B. Developmental Math: What’s the Answer?. Community College Enterprise [serial online]. Spring2016 2016;22(1):55-67 … I quoted its stated reasons students didn’t succeed in developmental math, – but I’d forgotten that it dove into the politics behind compressing/eliminating it, […]