GIMP fun :)

Posted on September 21, 2022


I was playing with making infographics with CANVA — and to me, it’s not an infographic if it doesn’t have graphics! (Especially if all you’re doing is making text into a less accessible image.)

Success written in bottom part of hourglass to convey that success takes time

Snork, I don’t know how to center the image — WordPress keeps changing stuff.

I’m going to ditch CANVA, though, for stuff to share because — it *does* take text and make it an image. Searching “Canva accessibiity” gets me complex advice on minimizing the issues; I’ll make a table with no borders in Google Docs and/or Word, thanks. (If more people used Libre Office, I’d go that way, but I can’t even *do* that at work. Not approved, like Moodle 😛 )

FDecide what to say!
“detect” your mistakes!

Okay, if I have time I’ll think of something better for “repair.” It was pushing 5:00 when I got there and I wanted to leave with Something For All Four Steps.

Of what? Using speech recognition. Hmmm… can I get a video done today? Methinks soon students will ascend to the heights of the Learning Commons as has happened past weeks to Get Done Before The Weekend.

Update: and oh, boy, it did! Had about 10 folks in ’til the end. This week I am going to *try* to get lots of extra snacks to celebrate the industrious folks, but Tuesday saw depletions.

So! Wednesdya morning it is right now, quiet… so time to hit the pomodoro and see if I can *finish* this thing to share it.

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