Found article, sort of

Posted on September 13, 2022


In 2021 Rachel Lambert blogged about math research that, when it was being done on students with disabilities, skewed hard towards quantitative and behavioral measures, and away from constructivist and sociocultural.

Oops, the article I am trying to find is about how students are *taught* procedures so much more than concepts.

It occurred to me that either realm doesn’t address the real issue of wanting to figure out how to get people to understand math even if that’s hard. There’s that “I don’t give them homework or stress them out!” teacher who’s happy if they’re happy. They get to do some fun hands-on stuff. Do they get the dedicated instructional experiences designed to *build the connections* between the concrete experience and working with the abstract?

Yes, I think this is more important than trying to decide whether direct instruction or constructionism or constructivism is the “way to go.” (SO MUCH culture in those choices!!)

Yes, I went to the Transitions Math that started today and YES I am going to go look at the online version right now.

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