The Main Point.

Posted on August 28, 2022


Failing to find the right old stuff so … rebuilding. Here’s the “main point” for what I”m doing, though:

Curry D. Where to Focus so Students Become College and Career Ready. Journal Of Research & Practice For Adult Literacy, Secondary & Basic Education [serial online]. Spring2017 2017;6(1):62.

The National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) asked: What does it really mean to be college and work ready? They conducted a two-and-a-half year study to try to answer that question. What they discovered is most of the math that is required of students before beginning college courses and the math that most enables students to be successful in college courses is not high school mathematics, but middle school mathematics. Ratio, proportion, expressions and simple equations, and arithmetic were especially important (NCEE, 2013).

In other words, if we could help our students develop strong math skills at levels A through C/D in the CCR, they would be well-prepared to tackle college level classes or even ready to succeed in training required at the workplace.

Arithmetic, ratio, proportions, expressions and simple equations, people.

If students *actually understand* that, they can get past those barriers.

Yes, tha’ts cut and paste from “Thread 6.” NOTICE: Arithmetic is in there, too.

Folks, most of us really can understand this — but many of us have not been taught it effectively. Okay, now back to it! Hey, the Illini football team won — the marching band didn’t march because too many of ’em were out with COVID. Our numbers are up but *so far* basically proportional to “we have more people here,” not “new outbreaks!!!” (and majority are under 30). (Yes, masking, as are lots of people ’round here.)

Back to it…

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