Inkscape adventures

Posted on August 24, 2022


The good news is that it took me less than 7 minutes to make a “gazinta” in GIMP (the curvy long division sign), including a few back and forths that could be trimmed from a video. So, I am confident I can do that for the presentation. However, a: I *think* Inkscape is more suited for the task and b: SQUIRREL!! I like to learn new stuff esp. if it’s weekend time, and c: if I’m going to be showing things to newbies, welp, experiencing newbieness would be a good thing!

It’s *definitely* more intimidating than GIMP. I’m 7 minutes into a 78 minute video, having installed it — which required making decisions that could have been “default for most people…” and/but … I think it’s better. Just read an article that implies I could go either way — that lots of people just stick with GIMP but we really shouldn’t. Now, for memes — grabbing something and changing it — it says GIMP is ‘way better and I remember how handy it was for me to have GIMP when the math courses map needed to be fixed for students arriving in an hour, no digital version… but … is what I’m doing with the math really like a meme?

… and while vector files are so awesomely good with shrinking and growing, SVG … is it compatible with places? Tho’ if all you have to do is open it in GIMP and export as… that’s pretty easy. Wonder if/Assume I can do the same w/ INKSCAPE.

Also, I was transported by memory back to the class in C wing, on the Mac computers, with Paul Young teaching us 😛

So, the plan? Give it perhaps more than the 1 hour I said … BUT in 3 I have to be able to make the number line and gazinta and pull in an icon to trace/adapt, even though *that* is better in GIMP.

But there are a zillion shortcuts in Inkscape and things that take ONE CLICK (like changing color) instead of “select the color, then go change tools and do bucket fill.” Except I don’t know how often I’d change a whole mess of color. Let’s go back to the tutorial that we’re 1/13 of the way in…

Oh, my, I hadn’t published this! So I must add that yesterday a student was looking for C138 and I knew it rang a bell… no, it wasn’t*my* former office — it was *the classroom* that I took the “survey of all the cool graphic design software course” in. (and of course it was the Adobe product, not Inkscape.)

And I’m leaning back to “stick with what you know” since it took FOUR TRIES to even make a number line in GIMP yesterday. Now to try to find or make the long division video…

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