Posted on August 18, 2022


I went to our PD session this a.m. about teaching simultaneously online and F2F with our assorted cameras and TEAMS. I tried to get there via TEAMS but they’d messed up the link 😛 A few people did end up finding their way there when they fixed it.

It was good to hear perspectives of faculty in higher level courses, especially the “gatekeeper” courses, where the one teacher really didn’t *want* to be the closing gate but had been informed that yes, that course was the one where students who’d found assorted coping strategies got to where they could no longer succeed because there was just so much to learn and *put together.* A good conversation was had — and I got to give possible answers to the question about how they get to college and don’t know any math, including basic plug-in-the-formula.

I also gained appreciation for, yes, having gotten to learn how to teach stuff to people that was intuitively obvious to me.

The other interesting snippet was when I mentioned I was working with Moodle in our group of 3… oh, it was cool but it was open source, so … not updated, no support.

Welp, I got to state that that was *not* my experience with it, while wondering how typical that is.

It was also good to be with folks who actually teach classes, so that for perhaps 45 seconds I envisioned … an *actual class* actually happening, and maybe even *me* … interacting with students. LOL need to reflect on that one a bit, but right now need to get back to making things happen!

Yes, I *will* be sharing that video being really glad Camtasia has “noise removal” because I just did it w/ camera microphone and yes, we have ambient fan noise. Part of this morning was learning that YuJa which is what we have now at the school is awesome and cool… so maybe I’ll just make two of everything, first draft in Camtasia and then a version for Parkland.

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