Prep week!

Posted on August 16, 2022


I do hope Monday was getting stupid stuff out of the way, as opposed to a portent of what the academic year will be like. I’d left my keys somewhere, then left my phone at home… got to work and there was no internet, so I didn’t get my friend’s email or phone message that I left those keys on her table SUnday 😉

We had our faculty/staff gathering in the theater, first time since 2019. Yes, we could have done it on Teams. There was coffee, some food… no place to spread out, so I went down the hall. A few folks with masks.

I brought my laptop, anticipating that I would need to have something to insulate me from the Administrative Encouragement. No internet but I had powerpoints to walk through for future short videos.

The very first thing we did was “break tradition,” and take the group photo. Pre-pandemic, that happened outside. This year? We were herded and shuffled to cram ourselves down into the front eight rows, and standing in the aisle between the seats. (No. Really. They *crammed us all together.*)

In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t detached. I shouldn’t have complied. I could hve Just. Left. Instead I kept my face tucked in my brand-new N95 and hoped it would go fast. It didn’t. Yes, the guy was already up on a tall ladder, but he had to take 3-4 shots going from one side to the other, several times.

When he got out a second camera, I did hear myself say, “Are they trying to see just how much we will put up with? Because I’m just about there.” It did end soon after, and then it was the college president’s promise that this was the LAST beginning-of-year talk b/c he really is retiring… .. and then implorations from the future president that we figure out ways to bring in those students who aren’t finding their way here, *and* get them through, *and* then have them able to get jobs/ improve lives. Yes, the goals of the task force that started our unit & hired me in 2001, and we figured out how to do it in those years ’til about 2016 — by the unit that she directed — but then dismantled when she got further up the administrative chain, forgetting that one main thing that had been ascertained was that the “buffet” model doesn’t work for folks (“we have t hese grant-funded certificates! and this career path! and these transfer options! CHoose wisely!”) not of academic culture; it takes time and resources to figure out their paths and often that means “non-revenue generating student support,” which is not a good thing in their model. For the sake of the humans, I hope it wasn’t a superspreader event. We were all also implored to say hi to a person who couldn’t be there ’cause they have COVID and would be watching on video.

Yea. Really.

We have Internet today and it’s really nice to be able to look up things like keyboard commands in GIMP. Going through it reminds me just how stEEEEEp the learning curve is — taking notes on how to do stuff, I ended up totally changing my views and windows SO!!!! I am going to have all the “how to” on video and totally, totally emphasize the cognitive connection part and how to find free, OPEN stuff that’s out there already, too. And it’s 9:48 so it’s time to do that stuff! Hopefully my next post will be sharing a multimodal lesson about adding “with carrying” that will *complete* the videos to go with the transitions math course module.

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