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The Main Point.

August 28, 2022


Failing to find the right old stuff so … rebuilding. Here’s the “main point” for what I”m doing, though: Curry D. Where to Focus so Students Become College and Career Ready. Journal Of Research & Practice For Adult Literacy, Secondary & Basic Education [serial online]. Spring2017 2017;6(1):62. The National Center on Education and the Economy […]

Inkscape adventures

August 24, 2022


The good news is that it took me less than 7 minutes to make a “gazinta” in GIMP (the curvy long division sign), including a few back and forths that could be trimmed from a video. So, I am confident I can do that for the presentation. However, a: I *think* Inkscape is more suited […]

Number Line PNG

August 23, 2022


Whereas at 1:00 I was going to time myself w/ pomodoro and be amazed when I could make a vertical number line for students to print out in 25 minutes, and YES I succeeded in doing that on about the tenth attempt (but yes, I did it in Powerpoint and then pulled it up in […]


August 18, 2022


I went to our PD session this a.m. about teaching simultaneously online and F2F with our assorted cameras and TEAMS. I tried to get there via TEAMS but they’d messed up the link 😛 A few people did end up finding their way there when they fixed it. It was good to hear perspectives of […]

Prep week!

August 16, 2022


I do hope Monday was getting stupid stuff out of the way, as opposed to a portent of what the academic year will be like. I’d left my keys somewhere, then left my phone at home… got to work and there was no internet, so I didn’t get my friend’s email or phone message that […]

“acceleration vs. remediation” — younger folks

August 13, 2022


Few weeks back I engaged in twitter about educational research and struggled to describe my frustration with the difference between “educational” research and the stuff I read as a wildlife biology major. Yesterday I got a link to “study” that exemplifies that frustration. I think they’ve got awesome ideas — but this isn’t scientific research. […]

Back ;)

August 11, 2022


Nothin’ like vacay for nobody to be reading the blog! So, got email about grant funding availability for “Bridge program.” Check out this language: Bridge programs can help reduce the academic burdens students face by introducing them to credit bearing coursework, either as seniors in dual credit, or as incoming freshmen at institutions of higher […]