Moodling Still :P

Posted on July 27, 2022


Also GIMPing and oh!!!! There is a way to tell it to fill similar colors, and to “fill by line art detection,” whatever that is!!

I’ve figured out how to put a whole table with 25 different answers on a question, so the whole addition facts table is 4 questions long. (Decided 100 was just too big.)

I am now at the “naming large numbers” part and probably blanks to type numbers in is the way to roll, but dang nab it there still isn’t a way to have “blanks you don’t have to fill in.” That would work with drag drop. So I will try that too.

And. It occurs to me, having just answered a reddit post agreeing that lots of success is a good thing …. that doing five thousand … and then 5001…. might be an aha thing.

Also, if I’m doing things in “study” mode, then … I can leave the “how to” in the video and not wrestle with “figure out how to do every little part the way I want you to” (e.g., find biggest “place” and plot it and get that checked).

Also, I’m trying to remember what person had absolutely no idea that there were “mainstream” OER such as OPENSTAX books, except yes, they were in higher ed.

Reading the Moodle forums really has me having little teeny glimmers of hope, too. But only if I get back to work at it!!!

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