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Posted on July 21, 2022


… and I am *thinking* that this formula question has a whole lot of java like stuff, based on a “multiplication” question that has the same code that would mean arrays, and “floor division,”… so I am thinking I just might be able to set up a thing that says “if the first andswer is 3 or 4, AND the second answer is w- the first answer, then it’s right.”

… and there really is an exact question doing “two answers, either order.” It’s not sustainable for longer stuff (it does “a is this and be is that OR a is that and be is this” but it will absolutely DO … now to also include the whole… okay, 2 pomodoros should do it, right?

It did!!! I don’t have the sophistication (yet??) to be able to link and have moodle automatically make me a student so I could just link. I perused the sample where the bar model is of authentic length but I’m going to resist the temptation of playing with that and go for “make it look like the printable lessons.”

page four is DONE 🙂 🙂

Page 5 has “put these addition thingies on the number line.” next task: see what we did in Modumath with that.

  • Parts in the same paragraph
  • If you want to display the input boxes of multiple parts in the same paragraph, follow these steps:
    • In the text of the Main question, enclose the placeholder of each Part with <div style=”display:inline-block;”></div>.
    • In each text of each Part, make sure the HTML code is just {_0} without tags, e.g. without <p></p>.

I might be able to put the rowin the table!!!! I vaguely remembered making a div but not the display:inline-block.

BUT the drawing on the number line thing didn’t happen in Modumath. I’m going to contemplate how to do it visually but remember how totally frustrating it was in Connect when they had stuff to sort of almost do that. But maybe I can drag number blocks down?

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