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Posted on July 13, 2022


It’s 9:10 of this Wednesday and I’m “taking the course” about formula questions, and gleaning Open Source knowledge too.

Yesterday I went to a sales pitch for EBSCO platform with a ton of tutorials … none of which appear to be particularly excellent and the admins were suggesting hey, we should have lots of different things because different students use different kinds of things. Have they learned just what kinds of students use what kinds of things? (No.) Do they also recognize that no, our learners don’t know which things would make sense for them — and we don’t either? They don’t walk in knowing their path. That would take meeting and exploring and … the stuff we used to do when we had a Center for Academic Success, and it — as does this program — falls in the category of “non-revenue-generating student support,” which we have “finite funding” for (i.e., not enough for *salaries*). ( Have I mentioned that values have changed?)

And I *think* lightning talks about OER were happening then but I couldn’t find them from the Peanut Gallery (no, I wasn’t sitting at that table with the admins because a: COVID people none of you are masked and you can fill in b: yourself).

Also somebody was showin’ a student around and when I said what I did and they were really happy, because they were worried about the math, the person said everybody was really nice here. I couldn’t leave it (having just left that meeting) and said I was sure not *everybod* was nice all the time but next time things go that direction I shall say “oh, it’s like most places — you have to find your people…” in an inclusive way to include the other person too if that makes sense 😛 I can do body language, right?

And last of the day was figuring out how to help a couple of people who don’t fit into The Categories, who, again, could have walked right into D120 … one a person wanting help w/ writing b/c international (so I said yes, I could do the ‘read over and fix the little grammar things international students do’ — which I often did in D120)… and the other somebody who was recruited into the self-paced tech certificate stuff– the stuff that research shows doesn’t work out well for … so many of the students they’re recruiting for it because it’s what got funded and they need numbers.

Hmmm. I think I know what I’m going to be pondering during my travels.

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