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Posted on July 13, 2022


So, student hands me the assignment: make an annotated bibliorgraphy. What helped? Explaining that by reading the source a little bit, and noticing what the source had in it, when you started to write, you already knew more about what you were going to write. Student said instructor said further along they’d be expected to write 3 paragraphs, not 3 sentences about the source (in other classes), and I said that was because that’s where you were learning about your topic and pulling out all the different ideas.

This reminded me of how many students really have no idea about that process of reading a bunch of different things, and then using language to learn about it, organize it, and then express it… and if you understand the *reason* you’re writing 3 sentences about the source, it makes more sense. YAY!!!

(Next, the more challenging actually helping write an essay w/ ESL student.)

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