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Posted on July 12, 2022


…. okay, amount of TIME ACTUALLY DOING THIS is … well, the good news is I can say “it doesn’t take much time to do!” which is notthe same as “good grief, it takes a lot of time before it’s done.”

I’m also wondering if the only way to have students label more than one thing on a question is to make it drag and drop. This means students have to use a mouse & can’t type answers in. Maybe CLOZE would work if I put the blanks there….

…. okay, now I’m … spending more time actually doing this. Welp, 2 pomodoros figuring out the resource I need — a new plugin.

Still, the tummy’s tightening a tad at the “no, this is a ***learning curve!!*** part of this — how scalable is it?

THat said, Dominique Bauer on is sharing widely and the html says “public domain.” Perhaps I can be a running root to sprout… I really, really, really wish I knew the best way to spend the time and energy. BUT That also said — hey, the task at hand included a Moodle version of the math module so that seems to be a valid learning curve to climb. Okay, and ‘open up resources’ is doing a conference thing that looks like it Really Has People, but which also reminds me of the weird unpredictable conflicts and twists and turns (e.g., the relationships between them and Illustrative Mathematics, Lumen just plain ol’ giving their stuff to COURSE HERO ?!?!?) . (And … they’re wearing *eye* masks, not face masks? HUMANS!!!) BUT POMODORO time, one more ’til lunch!!!

(It sort of worked… now it’s Tuesday and YES I did the two “greater than or less than” questions and it’s 8:49 in the a.m. Yes, guests can see the course, I think… “math” is the magic word to gain entrance.

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