Why I wish I had collaborators

Posted on July 6, 2022


I’m doing “part part whole” puzzles. Identify parts and wholes. Well, I *can* — AND I KNOW I ALREADY DID BUT I CANNOT FIND IT — make the tables so that 2 is 40% and 3 is 60% and the “whole” does “colspan = 2” (because for somereason it just shoves the other parts to the side???).

But should I? Sigh, “when in doubt, go concrete.” Except … naw, not really an except except that I could have random numbers and no, I don’t think I can figure out how to code it to adjust the table in Moodle 😛 Sigh, if I were in Java class I’d do it anyway 😉

I can make 10 questions and have ’em all randomized… and/or I can Just Follow The Notes The Math Teacher Made. .. Now to remember how I made these things for the times tables!!!

But should this be drag drop or … mutliple choice? I think it’s time to switch to multiple choice b/c accessibility and ease of using in different places. **I can make the picture exactly the same way.**

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