Posted on July 6, 2022


Got a detailed response with some JQuery ideas to improve the display on my “drag drop moodle questions.” More importantly, I have a better idea how the drop zones work. I still don’t know if/how I can ask “name a number greater than 9” as an arithmetic or “calculate” question. And, bigger question, don’t *really* know if this is in the category of “not enough people working on it so it will be buggy and awful.” Being in an LMS should help with that… especially if I try to stay within those constraints… BUT hey, getting answers to lame newbie tech questions is a huge help. And hey, I need to remember to plop anything useful like the number line images over to 😉

So, it’s 1:07 p.m., 88 degrees and I’m BEGGING it to rain, and I’m going to go back to said Moodle, also aiming to try to make sure I don’t rely on these drag drop things because D2L doesn’t have that option at all. I just don’t see a better way to do number lines online. BEGONE distractions 😉

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