Posted on July 6, 2022


It’s 9:54 and checking Reading Plus and …. oh, that sinking feeling one gets seeing manifestation of Being Bought Out By The Big Guys. One of the many things that makes/made Reading Plus wonderful is/was it feeling like a small business… things like there not being an algorithm that shut things down if I had too many people enrolled (only b/c I didn’t unenroll enough who weren’t using it). For our purposes, being able to just Get Back On Any Time isn’t used often, but it happens. Welp, I can hope, can’t I, that that will at least take a little while to change… except that my experience with Dreambox was that welp, they were going for *their specific part of a market* so policies & procedures were built for that and no, they weren’t going to talk about different ways of signing people up for it. Hey, I can fantasize that instead of forcing Reading Plus into their structures, they’ll… figure out that the way RP does things works??? So hypothetically they’d make Dreambox work like that? Meh, it’s still prob’ly too kid-oriented for us…

And I’m one of 10 at a zoom meeting about OER and Creative Commons and some pretty astounding global efforts!

They’re making a list of skillspeople will need in order to use OER. Digital Literacy. There’s also a movement for making research “open” about climate change and biodiversity; they thought it wouldn’t be well received but it turned out opening up research and related knowledge is a priority for them. Side conversations about maybe having specific projects for educational resources about climate etc.

They’ve got “Creative Commons Certificates” and are working on translations which have been small group efforts but they’ve scaled out.

… and I got an answer to my moodle question with .css code for making the thing easier to navigate. I think I need to have a “simple copyable version” too … or prob’ly just “first.”

Yes, helped students here, too, and had brief discussion of how some Dell computers were ordered so that people could take digital literacy courses and get the computer at the end … and the fact that no, the folks doing this have *not* talked to other community groups already making similar efforts. I noted that I, too, am guilty of “okay, get some laptops and then figure it out!” — because we do not have a communication infrastructure.

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