Posted on June 29, 2022


…. is harder today, partly because I don’t know how far to go down side roads. I asked a question on the Moodle Forum and I got a deep answer suggesting entirely different constructions for the number line questions, but based only on the one where I had 9 drop zones all with answers. I had chosed the style of question where you couldn’t see all the drop zones because sometimes I just want you to plop 8 and 13 on the number line, and if you have two choices of places to put them, you really don’t have to think very much. So, do I explore whether the new construct is better, or … do I get the important part of the question — how to get the thing to show me which ones were missed — and use that and move on?

I choose B for now.

Got two email notifications about math ed stuff: From Just // Equations, “Building Consensus Around Foundational Mathematics.” tl:dr, skip to the last paragraph.

Regardless of what Algebra II content they most value, the educators I’ve connected with share a common goal: ensuring that math education opens, rather than closes off, educational opportunities for more students. They just don’t agree on how to achieve that—something I hope to explore in a future blog post. 

(From that article)

So, gee gosh golly whiz, they have that stated goal; however, those phrases have a ton of baggage. Just what specific “educational opportunities” should be more “open”? “Something in college”? And “more students” – but which ones have y’all designated aren’t in that “more”? That kinda puts “how to achieve” into a blender…

Resonating more with me ’cause it’s the actual math instruction stuff is teh Illustrative Mathematics Resource Hub. It’s “beta” — hey, it’s almost July… and it’s open. Soon as I get some content put together myself, I’ll be perusing…

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