Moodle Journeys

Posted on June 28, 2022


I’ve gotten responses to my questions on Moodle — tho’ of the “you have to upload your question!” to which I replied, that well, I had tried but the instructions for doing that didn’t work. That got a non-stack-overflow guide and I’ve done that.

Next question: why do the drop zones not really show where they are? I have to guess where the end is ’cause the box disappears under the image. And why does the documentation say I can just mouse ’em around but in fact I can’t?

It’s 9:09 and I’m on that second pomodoro šŸ™‚ (1 Sudoku tho’.)

Next question, which I’ve had forever: what’s up with categories of questiosn???? I want to move a question. Sometimes it sort of acts like I can. Right now, nope, it’s IN THAT CATEGORY THANK YOU.

YAY!!! I can show two questions at once so the picture on the first can be used for the second. Yippee.

LOL So I added users to the course, and NO Moodle is not allowed to send email to people. It does answer my question about the undeliverable mailmessages I get about every day regarding moodle — that it’s not a setting in my stuff making it break. It’s our lovely mimecast security (and I s’pose it makes sense to spew back a Thing From.

Also succeeded in at least figuring out I want to do area, perimeter, integers and fractions (maybe percents?) with the YouthBuild — with the Very Special Conceptual Stuff. Going to explore Geogebra and figure out if I can make a digital version of the Cheezits activity.

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