Posted on June 24, 2022


THursday, sort of 4-day week; don’t go in tomorrow but it is our “Digital Solstice” gathering so I’ll be doing that 10:30-3:00. Longest days of the year đŸ˜‰

Did some preliminary planning for the maht presentation. We have an hour (50 minutes?). I plan to start with why the basics matter, referencing Stigler and suggesting that’s not just a U.S. issue (students getting to college age wiht poorly developed procedural knowledge of anything abstract in math). Dorothea Steinke listed four really basic things students can pass math and not understand:

  1. Meaning of =    
  2. EQUAL SPACES on a number line
  3. Part-Whole Relationship
  4. Properties of 1

and I’ll grab the first and third… and then it will be examples of visuals, and then how to make your own. Examples will be very much up for grabs and discussion. I’ll try to have a library of things and say “okay, what kind of problem do you wish were easier to understand?”:

…. and figure out how to get students to *see progress* and just start with the likes of Nearpod and Kahoot.

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