Posted on June 22, 2022


It was good to be away from screens (pretty much!! I did manage to keep the duolingo streak rolling, tho’ I’m down in “pearl’ league which is TWO BELOW the top šŸ˜› but hey, I’m at the top of my Pearl group right now…)

BOTH proposals for DIGICON presentation were accepted: learning to use speech recognition for academic work, and making simple math visuals to connect to concepts. The reviewers had real comments — and one of ’em called it “maths” so there’s international reaction šŸ™‚ I need to go back and look at the forms BUT FIRST

Student coming this morning to work on functions and quadratics for HISET, and I need oh, at least 2 pomodoros on the math lessons… then out in the swelter for a bike ride this evening. I asked it to rain but … 2 percent chance. Climate change….. OK 9:16 FOCUS šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

Hmmm. Session is how long? Number lines and bar models — including the connection to algebra word problems (sum of 2 numbers is 3 and one is 2 more than the other). *** note to self: remember how the ANN thing crashed and burned b/c they didn’t really get the ‘connecting rep’ idea. So include the “instructional routines” aspect of it. BUT TRY to keep it frombeing a teeny snippet of 40 things so that none of them actually make sense?

So!!! I want to make interactive part + part = whole with bar model and number line model. TODAY. or tomorrow.

And There are Things Online for making number lines for folks w/ visual impairments, so that info can be included in the presentation. (BUT YES I also have to make my moodle for the YouthBuild people. I thought about getting them all emails and maybe I will remember how to do that today, too.

The thing I found that might have bene what I sent — says I’ll show how to show a mean visually. So, I need to see if anybody’s done that alreayd– mathantics did with bar graphs but I think I need to make it even more adult-relevant and real, as well as more concrete: different contributions, dump ’em all in, and spread them out evenly. Consider showing how an outlier skews it. >>>> AND >>>> OH, FIGURE OUT a way a person could put in whatever numbers and *see* them, maybe in geogebra? excel?

Consider showing it on Excel?

And ugh, my “get off social media” moment when somebody posts “hey were is free math stuff?” and the answer is go to Teachers Pay Teachers type in a topic, grade level, and “Free.”

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