Posted on June 3, 2022


Whew!! Byooodiful day. Sigh, ,almost 7000 cases in the state but … the trend is sorta kinda acting like it’s going down. Whereas I signed up to do the “math” part of the “welcome new people” next THursday so I found this file on connecting representations for Just Plain Numbers.

And this is a cool way to share it, eh? Okay, brain FRIED. But 90 minutes left, now shall I do half an hour of Moodle, then?

… and now it’s FRIDAY.

YES I love the way Laura Gibbs has a nice meme and then more information about it but … do I have time for that much? Okay, to get something to show the peeps, no. Put it in my notes, though, that yea, I could do that and have a blog about it. Except my folks are *not* making blogs for this class. I did successfully make a meme of my own, remembering all my pictures of Casey the puppy dog.. To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong quoted from Joseph Chilton Pearce

And no, I can’t figure out how to undo “edit in HTML” above but it shouldn’t matter to you, right?

Expecting guests at 1:30. Hoping it happens this time !! Not sure they understand my role; asked if I were in the U wing, which is where administration is. However, I ‘met’ this person at a webinar about not waiting for Big Admins to do things. We’ll see!

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