June :)

Posted on June 1, 2022


Yes, “rabbit rabbit” was the first thing I said, tho’ I didn’t say it *to* anybody. (In mycreative analysis of randomly generated superstitions, that should probably be a requirement for the month of good luck. I wonder if this is a thing that started in a family somewhere…)

So MYFEST 2022 (Open Educational Resources) … has started and I sent ’em money… but … it’s like FSI. Literally *nothing* on the calendar connects with anything I do. Note to self: keep an ear to the ground in case something bubbles up, but right now it seems to be classroom related, humanities related…

Today I was at my desk when the Adult NumeracyNetwork meeting happened and … I volunteered to do a zoom session on Connecting Representaitons next Thursday. So!!! Need to find that stuff 🙂 Since it is also something I should use for YouthBuilds folks, it would behoove me to get it organized. I could do it as a Desmos card sort… wonder if anybody’s done anything like it in Geogebra.

Successfully, I HOPE, upgraded some Moodle stuff. I am made nervous by references to “Big Blue Button,” but hoping that … I can ignore it! I have to say …. it looks very different and MUCH MUCH BETTER and also more like our school’s LMS. YAY. Here’s my times table course.. don’t know if it works…. I *think* I set it up so guests could try it.

At least the COVID numbers are a teeny, tiny bit better than last week on the county site… *and/but* there are still lots of counties medium/high risk so it’s being talked about and only *mostly,* not all the “well, don’t worry, because it could be worse!” BS.

… and it’s time for lunch laps and maybe I’m deluding myself but … I LIKE the thing I made. I *hope* that it is oh, about the same attention demand as Duolingo, tho’ I might need to trim a tiny bit.

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