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June 29, 2022


…. is harder today, partly because I don’t know how far to go down side roads. I asked a question on the Moodle Forum and I got a deep answer suggesting entirely different constructions for the number line questions, but based only on the one where I had 9 drop zones all with answers. I […]

Moodle Journeys

June 28, 2022


I’ve gotten responses to my questions on Moodle — tho’ of the “you have to upload your question!” to which I replied, that well, I had tried but the instructions for doing that didn’t work. That got a non-stack-overflow guide and I’ve done that. Next question: why do the drop zones not really show where […]

TODOS video

June 27, 2022


I didn’t get to do the webinar live, but I watched the recording of the TodosMath vimeo “My students scored 0/8! What do I do next?” They give link to the materials at the end: . I had a brief bit of nervousness when I feared it would be another explanation of theory and […]


June 24, 2022


THursday, sort of 4-day week; don’t go in tomorrow but it is our “Digital Solstice” gathering so I’ll be doing that 10:30-3:00. Longest days of the year 😉 Did some preliminary planning for the maht presentation. We have an hour (50 minutes?). I plan to start with why the basics matter, referencing Stigler and suggesting […]


June 22, 2022


It was good to be away from screens (pretty much!! I did manage to keep the duolingo streak rolling, tho’ I’m down in “pearl’ league which is TWO BELOW the top 😛 but hey, I’m at the top of my Pearl group right now…) BOTH proposals for DIGICON presentation were accepted: learning to use speech […]


June 3, 2022


Whew!! Byooodiful day. Sigh, ,almost 7000 cases in the state but … the trend is sorta kinda acting like it’s going down. Whereas I signed up to do the “math” part of the “welcome new people” next THursday so I found this file on connecting representations for Just Plain Numbers. And this is a cool […]

June :)

June 1, 2022


Yes, “rabbit rabbit” was the first thing I said, tho’ I didn’t say it *to* anybody. (In mycreative analysis of randomly generated superstitions, that should probably be a requirement for the month of good luck. I wonder if this is a thing that started in a family somewhere…) So MYFEST 2022 (Open Educational Resources) … […]