almost June

Posted on May 31, 2022


Tomorrow IS June (LOL not today so I’m not a day late and 250 dollars short because I .I just shoved $250 to MYFEST and now I’m thinking I really should have done the “give me 50% discount” because … it’s out of my pocket, not the institution .. (note to self: turn off the money faucet where you can…

Looked at COBRA (Desire2Learn, Brightspace are the brand names for it) learning management options for online quizzes.

THey are all completely dependent on text. It’s a Universal Design For Learning conflict, in myhumble opinion. While I lose accessibility to those with impaired vision when I want to do a drag and drop, or use a number line (note to self: a template for a text-readable number line, would that be possible?) …

…. REALITY: I lose a TON of accessibility to understanding math when I can’t use these visuals, but since the students by legal definition ‘Have access” to the material, it’s good enough!

So on the very, very first exercises in the online math course, I’ve hit a wall. Hmmm. Hmmm. New post for that.

(the rest is boring stuff. Don’t read it.)

. Welp, and I STILL cannot FIND my brand new GARMIN but honestly I borderline need it for the bike trip so if it doesn’t appear very soon … that’s another 300 bucks. I mean, I could have left it some place where it got swiped (not sure how), in which case I need to replace it anyway… the rear-light-with-radar needs it to communicate with, and … I could theoretically sell it if it turns up. C’mon thing, I beckon to thee…. but I beckoned to the air conditioner to kick in, too, and that hasn’t happened, though I forgot to go out and kick it and see if that helped. Every summer it’s taken a few more tries of turning it on, flipping circuit breaker… fiddling w/ the outside switch… and I almost give up and it goes on. Seemed the outside switch thing didn’t even pretend to move,, though. Prob’ly another bit of an expense… oh, and screen door…

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