a good day ;)

Posted on May 27, 2022


… tho’ I absolutely need to be more consistent about “no, keep moving the stuff forward between people” part instead of the “i’m going to be interrupted anyway so I might as well cruise twitter.”

Worked w/ stu trying to get through HS math online. Good. Grief. If they had had my teachers, they wouldn’t be here. Nope, math is rules. *Fortunately,* stu is quick enough to *like* figuring out the connections tho’… still very much at the “I JUST WANT TO PASS THIS” place, but absolutely an example of smashing down a whole lot of life choices. (Yea, there’s more but not my story to tell but part of the goodness of the day, tho’ in the big picture not so good was that I could be that leg up that they had been looking for … )

Oh, and the program had Just Plain Mistakes. So if you can’t find one answer, do the rest and it’s the other one, even though it’s wrong. The lesson was factoring (they’d successfully memorized FOIL… on my list is a 2 minute “why foil works” video. Oops, where’s my list? Need to put it on there. Did.) One of the “answers” — in different font size — was 9^1/2 times 9^3/2 or some such thing, whenthe actual problem just had a GCF of 9 and … don’t remember if it factored or not but no, it wasn’t that. *they should pay our students to be beta testers.*

Todays stu just almost passed GED. REMEMBERS the volume and area stuff they didn’tknow formulas for so… on to IXL.COM to practice that! Hopeful šŸ™‚

bbbbuuuttt now I have an hour or so to get back and see what Moodle has to say. Big bike riding weekend (well, also good to be OUTSIDE because oh, lots of people not feeling good around here and whatever the virus is, I don’t want it! COVID numbers “stable” — not going down, tho’ today we got back down to “medium” risk.)

And YES I successfully made a number line image between distractions … going to trust that the GIMP file is on the home computer if I get the chance to dive in, tho’ this weekend HAS STUFF going on.

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