Posted on May 26, 2022


Make sharable stuff and share it!!!

It’s Thursday now. Lunch time so I *will* go out for a ride. I FOUND Laura Gibbs’ online course that is such an amazing example of HOW TO DO THAT… how to get ’em on board, and … no, really, inviting, welcoming material. *And* while of course I’ll confirm, she’s a pro. So the “buddha doodles” link to a page about the author and to the author’s stuff where yes, you’re allowed to share her doodles if it’s not to make you money and you give her credit. And she has a million other things, BEcause when you do it a little at a time and keep track of it, you have something amazing.

I’m also going to see this thing I missed in the live version about using H5P to increase student engagement in Brightspace. BEcause of cours, project C is to do that speech rec thing (besides the Math course) — BUT I am fervently hoping that the proposal for it being a session at the UDL Makerspace thing will provide the structure for doing that (and yes, I fantasize that I can say “and could we do this with math, have a team???” and remmeber how many years it took Mary Chapin Carpenter to get out of singin’ in bars to 20 people..)

… but I wish OER and UDL …. could overlap more… but … it’s still capitalism.

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