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Posted on May 26, 2022


So! I just successfully spent *most* of the 20 minutes of Pomodoro trying to figure out how to get a “drag and drop” question for putting numbers on a number line.

I have one with an image, but that is “not accessible for those with visual impairments.”

I have a drag-drop question where people drag a number onto a place in a table that, unless I’m remembering badly, *is* accessible because the table isn’t an image. The numbers I have in the places can be read by a screen reader.

I’m also remembering how confusing Moodle is and wishing again and again and again that I knew people who knew how to do it. It’s all “if you know where to click.” E.g.: to duplicate a quesiton I have to go to a question then click on “question bank” and then click on a question and then say “duplicate.” BUT it’s all searchable.

It’s also knowing what kinds of things for accessibility don’t. actually. help. So, if I make a table and force it with borders and things to look like a number line, it might be technically “accessible” becasue a screen reader will read it — but will it be comprehensible? The whole point to the number line is the spatial aspect. To utterly inexperienced me, something tactile would be the approach to take with a number line for it to get meaning across.

On the third hand, are tables easier or harder on the computer, memory wise?

Hokey dorey, watching H5p to increase student engagement and clicked it to double speed when she noted the percent of folks in developmental English and Reading not mentioning math so somethin’ tells me this won’t really address math.

Erm. Yes. Here’s a snip of a slide with SO MANY activities and .. there are about 45 of them and ONE is “arithmetic quiz.”

However, the basic idea of online being a vast improvement over “read this pamphlet and answer the worksheet” because students can work through things with feedback. If our “online” is basically “read this and answer the questions” … we’re not really doing much.

I *do* think that it would behoove us to include “this is why this is ‘easier’ for you,” and “how canyou make a different class more like this?” because that’s infinitely more powerful.

Okay, I’ve seen enough — I need to be making something we can use 🙂 Back to that table/Number Line Thing.

And oh!!! I did successfully set up the “sandbox” course for guest enrollment and *as soon as I have anything* yea, I’ll share it.

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