Posted on May 17, 2022


…. welp, I *would* be at the faculty summer institute but I didn’t get a proposal in and … honestly didn’t see any presentations that spoke to me. After all, …. I’m not faculty 😛 When I go out on the bike I remember things to do. At my desk? It’s not there. Well, except the cleaning off of the desk which at least I’ve started… oh, and learning the percussion part to “Turn the World Around” for next Monday’s concert.

We meet friday about the new math course… so … I should be figuring out how to best lead, follow *and* get out of the way in this situation! I got the grant verbiage 😉

So, the grant is for a math module one housed in our LMS and one out as an OER. The two folks we’re bringing in are working on digital literacy. The problem we’re trying to address is folks not being prepared for college. It’s some math skills, but also figuring out working the computers, etc.

So! Let’s see about putting the notes for the first thing Online and embellish as much as I can between now and Friday 🙂 And mad fantasy goal??? Have it on Moodle too. That will either be easy or impossible, right?